Containment pallet. Prevention of chemical spill in galvanization

Growth and industrial development in recent decades has been one of the main responsible for the contamination of air, soil and water. This occurs due to improper storage, disposal and careful handling of the chemicals used. Among the problems, one that has been discussed is not the correct management of the solid waste produced, leading in environmental risk and people who come into contact with them.   Containment pallet-Chemical Spill Prevention in galvanization

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  An example of this is waste generated by surface treatment companies, considered the most toxic due to the presence of heavy metals. This process is referred to as galvanization, which aims the metal surface coating in order to contain the corrosion, enhancing durability and improving the appearance of the metal. To end the impacts caused, new processes and products have been created with the purpose of promoting the correct handling and proper disposal of waste. One solution is the Pallet Container Tecnotri, totally produced in polyethylene (PE), 100% recyclable and non-toxic material, meeting the environmental requirements and avoiding contamination of the work environment and the people. Containment pallet-gas station The containment Pallets rotationally molded make spill containment, improve the Organization of transport and storage, ensuring security and avoiding possible leaks of flammable liquids and chemicals in the environment. Have long life span, on average 10 years, requiring no maintenance, and are immune to external agents, chemicals and detergents. Other benefits: easy cleaning, storage and possible reuse of the liquid leaked, are easily moved with pallet truck and stacker and feature reversible grid. Containment pallet Tecnotri-various models another advantage, the Pallet of containment is manufactured in Orange and yellow colors, suitable for areas of security, in addition to meeting National security standards (Ordinance 3214-NR and 20) and international (UL and OSHOA), ensuring the care required in the job and given the prescribed standards. So the high quality, cost-benefit, sustainability and its various versions and models according to each mode makes Pallet Container Tecnotri a product essential to the safety and protection of the environment. "get

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